Friday, August 12, 2011


Had a lovely visit with Peder & Sarah yesterday. It's difficult when there's 4 kids under age 4 running amok, but they understand how to hold a conversation with on ear/eye on the subject, & the other watching for the toddler who is obsessed with running over to the tallest, steepest slide at the park. I long for days with lengthy conversations that are uninterrupted because dang, I think of SO MANY THINGS I wanted to talk about/ask them after the fact but my brain, while is pretty good at multi-tasking, isn't THAT good.

It was fun though to see our kids play 'together.' For the most part. The boys are still very much in their own world & Dahlia's speed is a little less than Relia's but thankfully they all got along! It's so nice to see old friends & be able to hang out as if no time had passed.

Oh & after talking to Peder, I wrote again at 750words. I had crapped out of the monthly challenge last week (I blame the fancy tea party) but I got back in the saddle & wrote, & it felt good. THANKS Peder!


-Peder said...

It was great to see you too, and I agree, it would have been easier to talk without the kids.

Odie Langley said...

I also need peace and a calm atmosphere to think clearly and also have trouble doing that when even my grandsons are around. Have a great rest of the weekend.