Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I love gifts. Giving them, thinking about them, theme-ing them, making them, finding them...& I love getting them too! I have already received some awesome presents for my birthday (which is tomorrow) so I thought I'd share fun fun!

From my Mom & Dad - a cooler bag which will be SO incredibly awesome for going to the park, the beach, etc FILLED with picnic goodies - snacks, plates, plastic forks & spoons, napkins, a cool little food container which holds chips/veggies & dip. It's awesome. I love it. And a gift card from JC Pennys which I already spent. Some body lotion, hand soap & hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works from my cousin, Lindsay. Awesome. And a handmade casserole taker from my incredibly talented aunt, Ronnelle. I love love love the fabric!

My sister & I always try to "theme" our gifts - her gift to me this year was "Recycle" themed - a couple of notebooks, a calendar, some card making/scrapbooking embellishments, a dry erase board & (not pictured) an awesome bottle cap necklace & Craft & Conserve bag from JoAnns - LOVE IT! Michelle made me a wine cozy & got me some special treats... "Mother's Little Helpers!" Ha! (lemon drops - yum)...and a delicious & fitting bottle of vino!

Thank you so much for the fabulous gifts! Dahlia is looking forward to my birthday tomorrow as she's REALLY excited because I said we could go to McDonald's. We haven't been there in ages & she's ready to "climb the big tree" (in the play area). I hope she's not too disappointed that we're not having a "Dora" cake tomorrow night (she picked out a Dora theme for me months ago! ha!)


Odie Langley said...

In case I forget tomorrow here's a gigantic Happy Birthday wish from NC. I can tell you really loved and that makes me feel good. Just keep enjoying it through tomorrow.

Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Birthday : )
All of your gifts are so thoughtful! That wine is too flippin' funny! I laughed out loud : )

MamaD4 said...

I love the felted wine cozy. Must keep the wine cozy! Something like that "almost" looks easy enough for me to knit up.