Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick Update

I ran into Gina today & she was wondering how my MIL is doing - so I thought I should update (Hi Gina! Boy that show at the library was WAY TOO LONG for my kiddos - sheesh!). Anyhooo....

Carolyn is making tremendous progress! She's out of the ICU & is actually moving 'down' a level of care tomorrow to another room. Yay! She is off the ventilator, off the feeding tube, & off something else, which I can't remember.

Yesterday I took the kids & she was very alert, responsive, smiled a lot & even said a few words. They're hard to understand because she still has the trach in, but some of them I could make out. Both kids sat on the bed with her (one at a time) & she had the best reactions/responses that the nurse said she's seen yet! I think I need to take them more often (it's sad but true, but it is a PITA taking both kids to the hospital by myself. Luckily Grandpa Roger was there to help out).

She does OT & PT at least once a day & they're really talking about getting her ready to move to the rehab facility. It's probably a couple of weeks off but those are such encouraging words! 4 weeks ago we really didn't know if she would recover at all...and so far she has done amazingly well!

We still *don't know* what the outcome will be - we know that the recovery road is a long & tough one & that we all have to have patience & lots of love. I'm so happy to know that she's still with us - in more ways than one & am so looking forward to her recovery!

She has a Caring Bridge site if anyone wants it - I try to post updates there when I have them. It always warms the heart when we see people are checking in & leaving messages. I'm sure Carolyn will enjoy getting those messages someday too!

Thanks for all your well wishes & prayers, I do believe they work!


Odie Langley said...

When I clicked on it it came up page not found so if you could give a better address I would apprecite it.

carrster said...

Okay! Thanks for the heads up, Odie! I thought I had fixed it but I hadn't gotten it quite right. It works now. Still requires & email sign in.