Thursday, June 23, 2011

WIP's (Works in Progress)

Project: Sling Bag
Start Date: Fall 2009 (?)
Status: Incomplete

Using the awesome "Shrek" inspired yarn which I've had since I did a knitting swap back in the fall of 2006 (!), I decided to make this bag for myself. Something I've yet to do! And of course I have yet to finish! I need to finish knitting the strap (not pictured), felt bag & strap, line & make decorative flowers. Ha. At this rate I should be done by 2016.

Project: Boyfriend (Husband) Scarf
Start Date: November 2010
Intended Completion Date: Christmas 2010
Status: ALMOST completed
Whatever made me think I could start such a thick scarf on such small needles in November & be done in December. I guess I AM an optimist. I gave this to Steve for Christmas anyway - on needles - & have worked on it pretty much exclusively at Stitch & Bitch for the past 5 months. I finished a few weeks ago! Whohoo! But I still need to weave in the NEXT Christmas it will be done for sure....

Project: Vintage Baby Blanket
Start Date: January 2010
Intended Completion Date: Before August turned 1 (fail)
Status: 75% completed
Remember this one? I had such high hopes. This was really fun to knit. All the bright colors, the multiple block patterns which kept things interesting. It was an easy project to take along places because you could just work one color. This pattern taught me how to "read" a visual pattern. I wish it was done. All I have left to do is finish stitching the blocks together & crochet around the edge...except I don't know how to crochet so...there's that. Ah well. My goal now is by August Age 2. Wish me luck!

Anyone else dealing with a stack of WIP's?

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MamaD4 said...

I remember the blanket because it's so sweet and I was slightly jealous that I couldn't make anything as nice for my (then) newborn baby.

We all have projects of some type that mock us with their unfinshedness...not to worry. Everything gets done in its time.