Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011

Things sometimes don't turn out how you want them to. And sometimes that's okay. It's not the usual, just different. Our Solstice Celebration at least happened this year, so I think we came out on the 'win' side of things.

Carolyn came over to watch the kids - fed them, played, got them ready for bed, which in and of itself is cause for celebration. Grandpa Roger even came over for a little bit upon Dahlia's request.

Steve & I headed out for happy hour. We ended up going to the bar at the Radisson (Bowery Brothers, I think its called) because I simply HAD to have the Cauliflower Fritters. The last time we went there, they were OUT (!) and that was a huge disappointment. They did not let me down. Yum.
Then off to the theater where we 'checked in' using our FourSquare apps on our phones to each score a free popcorn. That coupled with the wine we sneaked in made for a cheap night of refreshments. (Shhhh, don't tell).
We saw MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, which I absolutely loved. I adore Owen Wilson & he did not disappoint. Such a fun film - makes me want to go to Europe, makes me want to catch up on my literature, reinforces my favorite time period of (theater) history which was 1920's Paris (the film deals more with writers, but it all ties together...they all hung out together). The Cole Porter music took me back to the summer of '93 when I did Stock in Ohio, the dialogue was funny, clever & the scenery was lovely. *sigh* I need to go to more movies. They make me so happy.

Afterward we strolled briefly on the Lakewalk. We were determined to make it to the lakeshore (sort of). It was cold, rainy & windy but we did it anyway, damnit! The waves were big, there were no people out, & we definitely didn't get to enjoy sunshine til 9pm. Oh well. Maybe next year.
I did thoroughly enjoy my date night with my husband. We were home by about 9:30 & devoured a frozen pizza we picked up on the way (because as much as I love them, the Cauliflower Fritters don't make too filling of a meal).

All in all, a different, but not bad, way to have a Solstice.

Okay, Mother Nature, now please TURN UP THE HEAT!

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Odie Langley said...

Always good to hear about a couple having a great time to themselves. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate. We are near triple digits here in NC. Have a great rest of the week.