Saturday, June 04, 2011

...of Frogs & Princesses

My incredibly talented & creative sister pulled off a lovely "Princess & Frog" themed birthday party for the triplets today. They will be FOUR on Tuesday. What? How can this be...anyway, I digress...
Not only were there lavender frosted red velvet Princess cupcakes & bug eyed frog cupcakes, there was a platter filled with fantastic green fruits & another with green-only veggies (what a great idea!). There were cake pops (need to make these!) and "Frog's Eye" salad.

Green & Lavender balloons & decorations everywhere. The goodie bags were similarly fantastically themed (little frogs, crowns, wands, princess fruit snacks, etc). It was great!

Dahlia & August had a great time celebrating the birthday with their cousins! Now hopefully we can all get a good night's sleep!!


Odie Langley said...

Great pictures, I really like the frog cupcakes

feisty said...

Super cool theme and cupcakes.....looks like something out of one of the glossy pages of a parenting magazine!