Wednesday, June 29, 2011

48 Hours

So we've just passed the 48 hour mark after Carolyn's brain injury. Not much new to report. She is still in critical condition. They take her off the sedation every few hours or so to do some assessments & today 2 of the 3 tests have been very encouraging. She's able to follow commands (ie: wiggle your toes). These are very positive signs as it shows brain functionality, cognitive ability, etc.

I have to be some optimistic about this. I simply cannot imagine her NOT recovering. The logical side of me knows that that MAY happen, but right now I have to cling to hope.

(photo from Easter 2011)

I set up a CaringBridge site for her.

Please keep those prayers coming!


feisty said...

she looks so young and so healthy. what a scary situation. it is good to have some (small) signs of hope. but, like you say, it is a long road ahead. i will hope and pray for the best for steve's mom. i'm sure the kids do not quite understand what is happening, must be very scary for them too.

my father-in-law has epilepsy and once he had a seizure out of the blue and was hooked up to machines for days. they were monitoring brain function and telling us to he could come out of it. Or not. it was the worst week ever.

Ardy said...

Still praying in Virginia!

MamaD4 said...

That's me, under Google. Let's try again...

GTR said...

Yikes! I just checked your blog. Sending good energy vibes (Reiki) her way and your way. Best wishes!