Monday, May 23, 2011

My One Year Old

August had his one-year well check-up today. He was in no mood for it.

I think mostly because it was at 11:15 and he's usually ready for a nap by 11. Ugh. He was antsy and squirmy; didn't want his milk, didn't not want his milk; didn't want to be held, didn't want to sit in the stroller, DID want to crawl around on the floor everywhere.

Big Sis was there to help and tried to keep him entertained with books, princesses and apple slices (begrudgingly on that last one).

And my boy is good - weighing in at 17lbs 15oz (1st percentile!) - and boy getting his weight was a struggle. He was in NO MOOD at ALL to be on that scale! Fun!! At least he didn't pee on me. He's 28 1/2" tall (7th percentile). He's still a peanut but he's proportional which is a good thing. She heard a slight heart murmur but she said it was "innocent." I asked about the pooping thing (oh yeah, so every time he poops, he screams. It's terribly sad and awful. I'm trying to 'soften' it up for him, but he's miserable, poor kid. I just don't want it to affect him later when he starts holding it in instead of going...ay yi yi) and she said to keep doing what we're doing (miralax every other day) but she's also going to ask the pedia-gastroentrologist (ha! you get the idea, right?) what he thinks & if she should be 'scoped' (gah!).

All in all my kid's doing good. He survived his vaccinations and his lead test (ugh, I hate that test too, poor kid) and has been VERY very crabby all day.

Mostly, I'm glad that he's a healthy, happy (usually) kid.


feisty said...

the photo with teh button down shirt makes him look so big, but the sleeping photo makes him look like a baby still. cute!

sorry to hear about the shots and lead test and the pooping. holding it in would be very very bad, so hopefully it will get easier for him! does he drink any juice yet? we let E have one juice drink a day, in teh a.m., watered down a bit. i think it helps him stay regular.

Kate said...

Would you stop making him all grown up? I mean, seriously.

Cello Mama said...

Too cute!

But wow. I don't remember the exact particulars anymore (I'm sure it's written down somewhere) but I think Kate weighed around that weight at about 2 months. Seriously. It sucked, because she was pretty darn heavy to carry around, and was total dead-weight, too.

Anyway, glad to hear it went well. Hope he's all back to normal tomorrow!

carrster said...

Feisty - yeah, I know! crazy - baby/big boy - ack! he does get pear juice hasn't helped thus far. :(

Kate - I would if I could, believe me.

Laurie - yeah, well...he's a peanut. I think he's smaller than I was; smaller than DAHLIA! crazy - but he's um, gotta lot of personality? That'll make up for it, right? (and yeah, we need to get a convertible car seat soon because I am SO OVER carting him around in an infant seat!!)