Monday, April 11, 2011


A great weekend behind me...but it went far too fast.

Arrived on Friday night, enjoyed conversation, laughter & memories with two of my best girlfriends. We marveled at the fact that we've known each other for just under 20 years. What? How did that happen?
Saturday morning found us sleeping in & eating baked french toast. We hiked along the Lake Shore & too many photos. We headed back to the cabin & partook in naps, reading & M&M eating.
Saturday evening we dined on spaghetti, enjoyed some wine & of course more laughter.

Sunday morning came too quickly. I reveled in sleeping all night & 'sleeping in' (boy that has a different definition than it did 20 years ago...). It was so fun to relax & read & snooze & not worry about anyone but myself. *sigh*

After we left Sarah & I went to Gooseberry Falls. They were thunderous & so beautiful. The water was awesome. I'm not sure that I've ever been there at this time of year before.

And then home. To happy children & a relieved husband. There were hugs & cuddles & "I'm so glad your home"s - excellent.


Odie Langley said...

Seems you made some might awesome memories that you can relive in your mind for some time to come. Glad you had that wonderful opportunity.

feisty said...

i love the shore during the big spring runoff season! cool photos!

(did you get some big sleeps?)