Wednesday, March 09, 2011

CAOK 2011 (Calculated Acts of Kindness)

One of my favorite blogs, and favorite people, really is AfricanKelli. I've been reading her for years & we've corresponded off line as well. She's a fabulous, generous, inspiring, talented, fun, compassionate individual & I consider her a friend although we've never met. She's also written a darn good book.

Each year for Lent she embarks on what is called CAOK or "Calculated Acts of Kindness." For 40 days she thinks of little ways to brighten people's days. An unexpected note of encouragement, a delightful baked good out of the blue, a package in the mail full of goodies when least expected. It could be anything, really, but she's the master. I was lucky enough to receive one of her CAOK gifts a few years back and it quite literally made my month.

So, what about you? Wanna join in? I'm thinking that its a great time to do something nice for someone. Write someone a letter, make a meal for someone who's stressed & busy & deliver it to them, put together a CD full of fabulous songs that you know would be just right for a certain person. Whatever it is, jump in! The world is too full of random acts of violence, greed, meanness, etc, so why not go against the flow & just do something nice. For the heck of it?

I'm going to. I hope you will too.

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