Thursday, March 31, 2011

August at 11 Months

WHAT? 11 Months?

I know I sound incredulous every month, but this is getting ridiculous! In less than one month he will be a year old! What's happening to my baby?? Oh he's growing up so fast.
He continues to be the family clown & has recently taking to knocking himself on the head with his fist because he thinks it's hilarious & he looks at us expectantly hoping for a great reaction. We're trying to discourage it, but it is pretty darn cute & funny. He loves to do his little 'chair dance' where he bobs up in down in his high chair, stroller, etc...and he gets great reactions from it! Last week he had the schedulers at my doctor's appointment in stitches. He ate it up. Quite a ham this one.

He still loves playing with the cat toys & kitchen utensils but he also loves to play with whatever Dahlia currently has in her hands. That leads to much screeching (on both of their parts). He's started to enjoy books more - especially books with photos of babies & animals (particularly dogs!). He laughs & points. Very cute.

He IS pointing now (almost constantly) & he 'sort of' signs "more." He's waving, a bit wildly but still, for 'bye bye' & continues to mutter all sorts of mamas, dadas, "dahlias," growls, groans, shrieks, funny breathing sounds, etc. Whatever gets a laugh.
He is probably only an inch away from walking (although, with my kids' history - ie: dahlia walking at 19 months...) it is likely it still won't happen for a while. He is very close to standing on his own, started cruising around furniture & started climbing our stairs! Ay yi yi. Let's just say the gate is now up. I think this one may be a climber....
He still loves going on hikes with his Daddy in the Baby Bjorn but is more often in the backpack these days. On Tuesday Steve had both munchkins in the trailer for a short bike ride around the block. He wasn't totally sold on the idea...but we'll get there. His favorite thing outside is BIRDS. He is fascinated by them.

He continues to be a great eater, often out-eating his sister. He likes just about everything, although not crazy about green veggies. He TOTALLY loves the bath & splashes so much that I usually have to wipe down the entire bathroom. He annoys Dahlia to shrieks (so much shrieking!) with all his splashing when they're in the tub together.

He is such a fun, funny, happy, snuggly, cuddly boy. If only I could get him to sleep longer at night, I would be an over-the-moon happy Mama. I am so excited to see him & Dahlia running around this summer. They're going to have a blast!


feisty said...

A snack cup with cheddar bunnies could improve the ride in the bike trailer for august! He is so cute, love the picture with the whole face smile!

-Peder said...

Very adorable!

Sarita said...

What a great smile! I can't believe our boys are getting so big so fast

Meigan said...

He is so dang cute. I love the 3rd picture of him scrunching up his cute little nose.

He has mom's acting genes!