Friday, March 04, 2011

August at 10 Months

10 MONTHS?! What?

Oh my sweet baby boy....I feel like he is really coming into his own. His personality is budding & blooming right before our eyes. He is (mostly) happy & loves to be the 'clown.' Boy he can really crack us up at dinner...the look he gives us, to make sure we're watching him, is the best. Pure gold. He's fairly patient, but a spark of a temper does ignite now & then - especially when Dahlia's trying to take something away from him, or scold him. He still would prefer to be held, while standing, over anything else...but he does love to crawl. He's getting really fast! He also loves pulling himself up on just about everything but hasn't figured anything out yet beyond that...which I am JUST fine with.

He's still a skinny little peanut. Weighing in at 16lbs 5.5oz this week...sort of falling off the growth chart. I'm trying to give him a bottle anytime I think he *might* take one. He eats mostly table food & apparently that just doesn't have enough calories. He eats a LOT of table food, but still. He often out eats his sister which is funny to me. He is wearing 6-9 month clothes, but a lot of the 6 month pants remain too big at the waist while getting slightly short on the other end. Ah well. Thankfully summer's right around the corner, right? RIGHT?

He loves music & will dance by bobbing up & down to just about anything. He's caught a couple of glimpses of whatever Dahlia's been watching on tv (Sesame Street usually) & is mesmerized. His current favorite toy is a cat toy - a wooden handle with a long stiff wire & a pom pom on the end - whether or not the cat is going for it, it cracks him up. It's been awesome!

Last week while Steve & I were away, he slept all night every night. Amazing! I wrote that in his baby book. And I also think I should've sent him to my parents' house earlier! (Dahlia first slept all night at their house too and I they DRUG them? hmmm....). This week has been tough as he has his first full blown nasty cold. He is so miserable all the time that sleeping just doesn't seem an option. Luckily he has been napping very well.

He babbles & 'plays with his voice' quite a lot. He 'says' Mama, Dada, & da---- something which I think means "Dahlia." At least that's what I'm choosing to believe. He will repeat me if I say those words. He also says "bye bye" (sort of) & we're working on waving & signing "more." Mostly he just thinks it's funny.

I can't believe in less than 2 months he'll be a year old! Where on earth has this past year gone?


feisty said...

i love that smile in his high chair. sooooo sweet! you can SEE his personality blooming!

Kate said...

what a handsome and blossoming babe!

Sarita said...

He looks so "mature" all of a sudden. What a sweetheart. I've been reluctant to give Felix our food, because we just haven't been eating as healthy as I'd like, and baby food just feels better.

Relia loves the dino shirt.