Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Whole New World

August started crawling on Saturday! He had been 'practicing' & rocking for several weeks & was quite good at crawling backwards on all four. Finally on Saturday he figured out the forward part & off he went. Saturday he was pretty shaky but through the day got more & more confident. By Sunday night when we were at a SuperBowl party, he was pretty proficient at following me around.

On Monday he pulled himself up by himself. He had also been really close with that for a long time & his legs have been very strong for months (where he can support himself). He hasn't really started cruising around the furniture yet but I think it won't be too far away.

It really has changed the dynamic of my day! No longer can I leave him playing on the floor. He wants to follow me (or find a cord to play with - ay yi yi) as soon as I leave. Doors now have to be shut, cords have to be put up, outlets checked again for our lazy baby-proofing & gates on the stairs in place.

I love seeing his independence & it definitely makes him more content to be able to get the things he wants, but man, it keeps me on my toes!!


-Peder said...

We're going through the baby proofing education phase as well. Oh look! We forgot to put that up!

Kate said...

Well, Munchkin Number 2 has taken to pulling Munchkin Number 3 around by his ankles because "He wants to be near me." Meanwhile, the kid has lost all the hair on the back of his head. I'm figuring he will start crawling pretty quickly just to make her stop it. Ha!