Thursday, February 03, 2011

August at 9 Months!

Mr. August. 9 Months old. So hard to believe.

He is really a changed boy from last fall. He is so incredibly smiley & happy nearly all of the time. He is so interested in everything around him. He loves his sister's toys (which we're finding is more of a safety hazard than we'd ever thought about before...). He loves to play with the alligator xylophone, stealing his sister's Little People is a favorite past time & he's a master at Peek-a-boo.

He's a champion eater. He loves to eat everything we do (just about). He gets quite ornery when we try to give him baby food. He loves spaghetti, yogurt, peas, carrots, mac & cheese, bagels (just the soft part!), bananas, hard boiled eggs, crackers, cheerios, green beans, cheesy potatoes, etc. I'm trying to wean him, so during the day he gets a few bottles & table food, at night I still nurse him.

He had his 9 month check up last week. Weighing in at 16lbs, 1.5oz (2nd percentile) & he's 27 1/4" tall (19th percentile). Unfortunately he's sort of falling off his growth curve - particularly for even though he's obviously thriving, he's a skinny little peanut. The doctor suggested adding cream or butter (yum!) to his foods to fatten him up a bit.

He absolutely LIGHTS UP when his Daddy returns from work. He gets so excited he can hardly contain himself! He loves to go on walks with Daddy in the Baby Bjorn down to the creek. Can't wait til we can make these longer, family excursions. I'm sort of over winter by this point.

Dahlia still is a great big sister. She really takes care of him, looks out for him, plays with him & of course scolds him. They make the funniest sounds/faces at the supper table & both start cracking up. Watching their relationship unfold has been one of the greatest joys lately. Hopefully they will grow up to continue to play, love & watch each others' backs.

No teeth yet (not surprising). Barely any hair (ah well). He rolls, scoots & crawls backward but we're still waiting for forward movement. He can get anywhere he chooses to go though so I'm not too worried. He gets up on all fours & rocks & rocks. I thought he'd be going by now but I'm not in any rush! He will stand holding on to us or furniture or the pack & play & has experimented with cruising but isn't so sure about that yet.

Aside from the sleeping issues...everything's going really great. We even interviewed a new babysitter the other day so hopefully Steve & I will be able to go out, alone, together. I can't wait. We need a date night!


Odie Langley said...

Great pictures of both of them. I enjoy watching them grow.

Sarita said...

How much do I love the picture with the tiaras? What a pair of cuties!

Meigan said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting these! He is getting SO big and so is your sweet Dahlia. I can't get over how adorable your children are.

And that last picture? Well it is great. Because I think of you often with your sleeping issues & send little white lights your way to make it better. But that smile on your face says it all - you will be out of the woods soon.

Kate said...

I love that last one. And I second the highlights on the tiara picture!

michelle said...

aw - i love that last picture. so sweet :)