Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Won't August Sleep?

Oh this kid...not a good sleeper. I was hoping since DAHLIA was also not a good sleeper that kiddo #2 would be! I was wrong. It's an ongoing process...somedays he'll sleep 7-8 hours at night (whohooo!), granted that's been usually from about 6:30 til 2:30 - which still sucks for me, but at least I KNOW he can sleep a good chunk of time. Mostly though he sleeps for about 3 hours, then for another 3-4 hours & again. I'm trying to wean him (see future post) so I end up falling asleep in the chair with him for 2+ hours around midnight. I wake up with a terrible crick in my neck. At least usually I can just lay him down & go to bed...but sometimes I just give in & sleep with him. I definitely get the best sleep while sleeping with him. Even though he virtually 'nurses' the whole time. Hmph.

I know it needs to end. He needs to learn how to sleep. I need to get decent sleep. I fight myself with knowing that he's the last baby & wanting to cuddle him every possible minute that I can. I also wake up crabby & sore from sleeping in a chair. *sigh* It's a no-win situation. I'm hoping one of these days he'll start sleeping a good 12 hours (hahahahahaha!) I'm still reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" or whatever it's called & some of it is very helpful indeed...but mostly I'm just frustrated that he won't sleep all night. I mean...he's 9 months old for crying out loud! (Mindy - I know I'm preaching to the choir with you on this one!).

Ah well...I shall take the sleeping when I can get it. He goes down for 2 naps a day (at least) whether he likes it or not. On the advice of the book (& others) he stays in his crib for at least 1 hour - sleeping or crying...I think at least he's getting used to his crib....hopefully hopefully hopefully one of these days he'll love sleeping!


Odie Langley said...

I think mothers are such champions for all they do. I admire your efforts.

feisty said...

oh man, again? what is with BOYS not sleeping????

i thought you'd luck out too.

maybe it is a 9 month growth spurt. my doc said spurts happen roughly around weeks 3,6,9, then months 3, 6, 9. how is your "supply"? is he needing more? could you nurse then supplement with a bottle in addition- that helped E sleep longer than 2 hours in a row during his growth spurts.

sleeping in a chair sounds awful. oweee. can you put a camping mat on the floor next to his crib to sleep (i did this sometimes) that way you are close for frequent nursing, but not having to sleep in a chair.

has steve tried a bottle at night? or would A totally wail?

does he like his pacifier?

i do not envy your situation, not sleeping totally sucks, and i can't imagine lakcing sleep and chasing after an active toddler and caring for a baby.

healthy habits: i think we picked out the stuff we liked from there, but didn't follow all of the advice.

the only things that coincided with E's sudden sleeping-through-the-night were 1) dropping his 2nd nap, and 2) letting him cry it out after a quick visit in the early mornings (3-4am). he was always a voracious eater too- in fact, he still had one bottle overnight until he was 14 months.

so sorry you're struggling with sleep. at least he seems like he is a happy and healthy little boy otherwise (same as E), but that is little consolation when you are suffering.

J. said...

As much as it sounds horrible, I agree that the 2nd nap may be on its way out. We try to hold on to them as long as possible, but....

Good luck and yes, I am jealous thinking of snuggling with a little one even if it is in the middle of the night. They grow too fast!