Monday, January 31, 2011

Things I wanted to Blog about during January when I had virtually no internet

I kept adding things to my list of blog posts that I created on my phone. I probably won't ever get to actually writing these posts, but it gives a bit of an idea of where my head has been for the past 3 1/2 weeks. Aside from just b*tching about not having internet, that is...

1. Why won't August sleep?
2. What I think about tea
3. My knitting WIP's (works-in-progress)
4. Dahlia & the "Trying 3's" (ay yi yi)
5. My new recipes
6. 11 Things a Month in 2011
7. A post about all the things I'd blog about, if I could
8. August's First Head Bruise
9. The Princess Phase - Evil Empire or Passing Fancy?
10. 2011 'Resolutions'
11. How do I wean this beautiful boy?
12. Did I mention how much I hate not having internet?
13. Finishing Riley
14. FlyLady...again
15. August's mobility
16. The Art of Cutting
17. Why I like x-country skiing
18. What I'm reading now
19. Seriously? How many times do I have to watch 'Cinderella?'
20. Potential employment & what I think about that...
21. Project Postcard re-instated for 2011
22. August turns 9 months old

Blog posts are so easy to write in your head. I'm so much wittier, eloquent, creative & clever. Ah well. I am what I am. We'll see if I can take February to make these "posts" a reality.


Odie Langley said...

Can't wait to see what will show up hopefully soon. I know it will be great.

feisty said...

i hope to hear more about august's mobility (rolling? or CRAWLING? eeek!), the new recipies, and the princess-obsession, at least! oh, and new employement opps? say yes, please! (hey, did you go private yet?)

Meigan said...

Sounds fascinating! Get writing girl!

And I know what you mean about writing blog posts in your head & how they sound so much better up there. I write several every time I swim or run. 90% of those never see the light of day.