Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Cold Winter's Day

Today marked the end of our "vacation" - meaning that time when Steve was off work & we spent many hours in each others company reading books, playing, eating good food, playing with friends. Steve & I each have the JOY of having nasty colds, so the past few days haven't been that fun.

BUT....Steve really wanted to get the kids outside today. So outside we went. Well, August slept through it so we left him in the car. Ah well.

We went to the Beach! What else do you do when it's 11 degrees outside? We went to Brighton Beach to gaze at the ice formations, marvel at the ice-covered boulders & play with sheets of ice which break in such a satisfying glass-like sort of way.

Dahlia did some butt-sliding down some slippery rocks; we collected some ice pieces to bring home; we played "Arctic Explorer." It turned out to be quite a fun little outing.

Of course, I do long for the hot (okay, warm) summer afternoons when we can sit at the same beach & dangle our toes in the crisp coldness of Lake Superior.


Kate said...

It's icy beauty is marvelous, no matter what.

Odie Langley said...

I really hate the cold when it's 24 like it was this morning & I have to sprinkle salt on our back deck & steps to keep from slipping. I love it when the temps are in the upper 60's. Odie

feisty said...

love it, you guys are a total duluth couple. cold? nawwww, let's take the kids to the beach!

Bryan said...

Super cool pics! Burnt blue and vingn-yetti :)