Friday, November 26, 2010

I am Full

After a Thanksgiving feast last night of all the classics, I think I am still full. Egads.

We had a great time at my Mother-in-laws - Steve's whole family (minus sister Laura) was there! Dahlia & Anders had a ridiculously good time playing together. I swear those two have the same silly sense of humor. We stayed up WAY too late but Dahlia slept til almost 9am this morning, so that was cool.

Today Anders (& his parents) visited & we played & played. First with the toys, then we got out the parachute (and the cackling laughter of 2 2-year-olds began) THEN we suited up & went outside to play in the snow. They had a blast. There were tears when Anders had to leave - from both of them.

Tonight we're going to eat (again!) pizza & tour Bentleyville (the amazing lighting display at Bayfront). It is BEYOND COOL. I am a sucker for things like pretty lights and THIS is AMAZING. It's free (for one); they give you FREE hot chocolate & cookies, free popcorn & free marshmallows to roast over fire pits. Santa is there; choirs & other groups perform; and we have the TALLEST (fake - metal) Christmas tree in the country lit with over 50,000 lights! Cool! Last year was the first year at Bayfront & it was an awesome experience. This year is bigger & better & I can't wait! The kids will love it - and we'll probably go more than once (like we did last year....).

And then we'll probably come home & go straight to bed because we're still so dang full.

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Odie Langley said...

Full in more ways than one. So glad you had such a great time with family. You have snow & we had temps in the 60's and rain the first half of the day. Hope your weekend is just as great.