Monday, November 08, 2010

August - 6 Months Old!

Well, guess I'm not going to make my own self-imposed NaBloPoMo - ah well. I will try to stay more on top of things...we'll see how that goes...

So - August is 6 months old! October 27th! What? Where has the time gone?? How is it possible that I have a 6 month old? Crazy.

He had his appointment one week early as it was also the follow up for his Upper GI (which showed nothing, btw).

He weighed in at 14lbs 5.5oz! 7th percentile! (up from 4th - whohooo!)
Height - 26 1/2" 61st percentile!! (what?)
Head Circumference - 17" 39th percentile

I stopped giving him his meds last week to see how he would do & he's doing great! He hasn't taken Prevacid or Carofate now for almost a week. He's a happy boy! He hasn't really seemed in pain at all. It's awesome. I'm so glad. He is such a good-tempered child! He laughs & smiles; he loves to play; babbles all the time. He learns new 'vocalizations' often & likes to repeat them OVER & OVER. He loves plain rice cereal (Dahlia couldn't stand it!) & orange veggies - mostly squash & sweet potatoes.

(we won't talk about the sleeping thing....but as I type this he's actually napping - whohooo!).

Today we have a consultation with PT for him - to discuss infant massage (for the reflux) & sleep maybe things will be looking even more up in the near future! Whohoooo!


Mrs. Ca said...

You have a tall, skinny baby too! Gabbie has consistently been about 5-10th for weight and usually about 90-95th for height.

He's so adorable and getting so big already. Glad to hear that his reflux issues are getting better, and I hope that the PT helps with the sleeping thing. We had a non-sleeper too so I can commiserate.

Odie Langley said...

He is sooooooooooooo cute and such a great report. I have been taking reflux meds for the longest time and will be until. Glad to know he is doing so well.

Kate said...

He totally looks like Dahlia in that first picture. Love his smiley face!

feisty said...

good news on the medication! and good job growing taller, buddy! (getting cuter every day too, i see)

i predict his sleeping will arrange soon....and he will 'sleep through the night' consistently before Big-E!

Meigan said...

I can't get over what a cutie pie he is!!!