Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sleep Torture - check!

So last night's schedule was this:

8pm - August 'sleeping' in his crib. Yipppeeeee! This lasted for 3 hours! Wahoohoooo

11:36 - Up to feed August. Nursed him in the chair in his room because I wanted to put him back in his crib after that feeding.

1:36am - the time I woke up still sitting in the chair with August. He was not ready to go to bed, he wanted to eat again. Caved & brought him into bed with me.

3:20am - up again to feed, super cranky, possibly with sore tummy?

4:20am - I had a hacking coughing fit (awesome) - woke August up (if he was sleeping, who knows. Fed him a little again.

5:30am - August awake & cranky. Needs to eat.

6:20am - More feeding/crankiness

7:12am - WIDE AWAKE with a big smile on his face. Shouts of "MAMA!" coming from the other room. And alas, another "night's sleep" is history.

I'm considering starting to wean August. I don't really want to yet...this has been hard fought, this breastfeeding & I'm loathe to give it up but I'm also losing my mind. I have this *theory* that maybe if I'm giving him a bottle in the night he'll be eating more & therefore able to sleep longer. Maybe now he's just getting a 'snack' & we both fall asleep & that's why he's up so often. I don't know. I also don't know why I think that me giving him a bottle will prevent us both from falling asleep. It didn't with Dahlia....

*sigh* I"m just so tired.

(oh also - he doesn't nap. I think he slept for about a total of 1 hour yesterday during the day. What is with this kid??)


Kate said...

You'll get through it. You will, my friend. Wish I was there to help. Hang in there.

J. said...

I had the same issues with Maddy, she always snacked . I was exhausted. At 6 months, I just cut her off at night. Physically she was big enough not to need to eat, I think it was just convenient. It worked. Switched her to her crib, she screamed a couple of nights, while I wrung my hands in bed, but it was so much better! You'll decide what your comfortable with, but I didn'thave to wean Maddy which I was happy about.l

feisty said...

weaning to bottles at least once a night would be good for mama, and if he can take it- good for dad bonding too. (of course you would still have to pump if you want the breastmilk, but at least dad could take the bottle job and getting A back to sleep.)

sorry- i know how hard this is, i struggled at night too (without producing enough milk, i breastfed E and he continued to wake every 2-3 hours for months. but at least he did not have tummy problems. that sucks. so sorry!)

i know i've said it before, but i'll say it again. get those bottles working with his dad. I know your H has to work in the mornings, but so did mine and he was able to take over at least one feeding per night (last night he took over a huge 1 hour awake-spell in the middle of the night too) believe me, men are tough. they can take the sleeplessness just as much as we can. LEAN ON HIM too.

Michelle said...

Everything I've read says formula won't make them sleep any longer. And cereal actually upsets their tummies which isn't conducive to good sleep either.

With N, who you know didn't sleep, we broke up the night. David is a morning person and I am not. So any time N was up until 4 am it was my responsibility to feed him. From 4 until 8 was David's. I would pump after each daytime feeding for the bottles (which was really only one) that night.

If he is really hungry he will take a bottle. If he is just snacking, well, then he won't. Maybe Steve could take a day or two of vacation and tack it to the weekend. Then you guys work on narrowing down A's feedings. There will be crying, but hopefully in a few days of a more ridge routine will help him (and everyone else) get some sleep.