Thursday, October 21, 2010

AWOL - updates

I've been AWOL lately - too much to do, not enough time to sit & play on the computer. Ah well....

What have I done in the past two weeks? I have no idea. I cannot remember that far back. I think we probably ate some meals, went hiking in Chester, visited a corn maze, dealt with a fussy in-pain baby, wrangled a toddler. The usual.

This week has been full of doctor's appts. Monday I took August in to have an upper GI. I was dreading it as I couldn't feed him after 4am. This kid still eats every 1 1/2 -2 hours so yeah...the appt was at 8:15. Well, he did great! He was in such a good mood. Super smiley, laughing & charming all the people in the radiology dept. He wasn't super cooperative with the whole drinking the barium thing but we got him to drink just about 1oz which thankfully was enough. The good news - they didn't find anything anatomically wrong with him - no twisted esophagus or funky stomach connections. The bad news - there's nothing to 'fix.' He went to the doctor for a follow up yesterday...he's gaining weight (thankfully) & we got some different formula to try (when we give him his one bottle a day) but otherwise he looks great! He is getting another prescription recommended by the GI specialist for something that will 'coat' the stomach lining & may help his tummy pains. I hope so!

I found out my thyroid is wonky - so will start taking synthroid - actually did this week. My family has a history of this & mine's been wonky since I was pregnant with Dahlia (actually before) but it always went back to 'normal.' Not so much now, although *maybe* as he says I'm still in the post-partum phase. Who knows.

What else?

August's baptism is this weekend. Poor kid is suffering from 2nd child syndrome badly - no invites for the baptism, no cake, no birth announcements. I feel like such a loser. :( I'm excited for my folks & my sister to come up. Dahlia is VERY excited to see Grandma & Grandpa Rossow she says "I miss them." It's very cute & a little heartbreaking. Also, when I told her we were having a party for August on Sunday she got SUPER excited, clapped her hands & said "August! You get to be 2 1/2 like me!" I had to explain that it isn't a birthday party - but that didn't really diminish her excitement.

I'm still unemployed & looking for a job....I'd like to find something I can do from home because I honestly don't know how I'll ever find something that will allow me to afford 2 kids in daycare. And I don't really want to put two kids in daycare. *sigh*

I guess those are the updates. November is coming up. Let's see if I can keep up with this year's NaBloPoMo! We'll see.....


Kate said...

Oh! Oh! Dahlia's excitement for her brother's party just kills me. How sweet!

Meigan said...

I hope you can do the November blogging thing. I will try to do it myself. I just love reading your updates.