Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up the Shore

Steve & I always like to try to get up the shore around our anniversary. We often dream of a multi-night getaway from everything (kids, house, mice, house projects, etc) but those don't always happen. This year we drove up for the day & it was spectacular!

We hiked at Oberg Mountain which is a spur trail off the Superior Hiking Trail. It is just a few miles north of Tofte. 2.3 official miles (although my pedometer tracked us for just over 3 miles), it's a rocky & rough trail (in places) with dramatic views of Lake Superior & the surrounding forests. Maple, aspen, everygreen - they're all present & we hit it on the peak weekend. It was stunning. Simply stunning.

The trail was packed with others out enjoying the beautiful fall day & colors. In fact I'm not sure I've ever seen so many people on the trail. It makes me quite happy to see so many out enjoying the beauty of the North Shore. Dahlia & August were constant recipients of comments regarding their cuteness. I could not agree more.

After our hike we went down to the lake (per Dahlia's request) at Cascade State Park - the picnic area is on the lake side & requires a state park permit - which we have so why not? The rocks were large & flat - no rock beach here but the waves were wonderful & the rocks make for the best playground for Dahlia (although make Mama nervous nonetheless).

From there we headed back down Hwy 61 to Grand Superior Lodge - where we got married - to enjoy supper. I had a lovely chicken breast stuffed with apples, brie & craisins (yum) & Steve enjoyed the walleye. Dahlia of course scarfed down her chicken fingers. Those things are like crack for kids! The host asked us if we were staying there & we told him we were returning as we got married there & he gave us a free dessert! Score! We had the creme brulee flight - 3 different creme brulees (vanilla - the best, berry & orange-yuck). It was a lovely meal.

The kids were (mostly) great. A few small outbursts but they did remarkably well for such a long day. Bedtime was a little spazzy for one of our family members (ie: the toddler) but mostly it was okay. Whew!

It was a lovely glimpse of family days in our future. I cannot wait!


Meigan said...

Congratulations again, and your family is absolutely lovely!

I want you to press "pause" on that beautiful scenery for 2 weeks - Kyle & I are headed up there for our anniversary then!

DD4 said...

I sure enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos and reading about the amazing day you had while celebrating your anniversary. You have a beautiful family. I think the last photo would make a great Christmas card! Happy Anniversary!

Odie Langley said...

I envy you for being able to actually see those beautiful colors and the awesome scenery. I never tire of looking at the beauty of mountains.

Holly said...

Congrats! What a great way to spend your anniversary weekend. Looks gorgeous. Pete and I may need to follow your lead and head up there for our anniversary weekend next year.

Kate said...

Sounds like a near perfect day!