Friday, September 24, 2010

This is War

We have mice. Argh. I'm so annoyed. We have two totally useless cats. Aren't they supposed to take care of such issues? I've only seen one mouse (at at time) but I'm sure there're more than one. They haven't found the food yet (knock on wood) but I know they're in the kitchen and have SEEN it now on a couple of occasions (including WHILE I was standing in the kitchen about 10 minutes ago!! Argh!

I *used* to be opposed to setting traps, but this is it. I've had it. We've gotta get rid of these pests!!

The traps are coming out.

(and by coming out I mean we have to go buy some & set them...sounds like a good job for Steve, right?)


Kate said...

Perfect job for Steve. Get him right one that. Gross!

Anonymous said...

ish. I think they make some traps that electrocute them. It is suppose to be more humane.

we have a useless cat too.

J. said...

Tom's the expert - in our old house we found one in the dishwasher! He suggests hamburger meat and you twist tie it to the trap....sounds bad, but they are really good at getting at y, wouldn't want to have them injured and suffer.

Odie Langley said...

Yes my friend, it is kind of a man thing. The sooner you get them out of the way the better off you will be. Hope it goes quickly for you.

Sarita said...

Once, when I lived with my brother and he & his all living creature loving GF (now my SIL) were away, I set out traps with peanut butter and caught two in one snap trap. Those things are mighty effective.

Happy hunting