Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sleeping Thing

Oh I feel like I'm back in the same place that I was 2 years ago! The no sleep thing. Ugh. I knew it was coming, I knew it would suck, and I was right!

Dahlia's doing great on sleeping & going to bed (for the most part). We have instituted the timer routine & that works quite well. We say - you have 5 minutes (or whatever) to brush teeth & get jammies on. Then I set the alarm clock on my phone. It goes off in 5 minutes & then we HAVE to move on to the next thing (reading a book). When the snooze goes off in another 7 or 8 minutes, we have to shut off the light...then we saw our prayers, sing some songs & by time it goes off again it's time for the crib. The whole process takes longer than I'd like but right now I'm just happy that there isn't a fight.

August, on the other hand, that kid just doesn't sleep. He 'cat naps' during the day. In the bouncy, stroller, car seat, high chair - but whenever I put him in his crib hoping for a longer nap, it's maybe 20 minutes maximum! At night time he falls asleep after I nurse him pretty good, but has lately been waking up every hour (either to eat or have his nuk replaced) until about 1 or 2am at which point I just cannot take it any more & I bring him in to sleep with me. Then I get pretty horrible, fragmented sleep for the rest of the night as I lay there & nurse him off & on & hope that he will SLEEP! And then he is WIDE WIDE WIDE awake at 6 or 7....and we start all over again. I'm grateful for when Dahlia sleeps until 7.

I know I'm whining about the inevitable but some days it's just so hard. Hard to have any patience. Hard to have any inspiration, any motivation, gumption, what have you. I fantasize about sleeping for ore than 4 hours in a row....I know it's there in the future, I just can't see it yet.

I keep telling Steve that sometime this fall I'm going to go away for the night. To a hotel. By myself. So I can watch cable, knit, read & sleep. But I don't even know when that can happen as August is still eating so often!

Ah well, a girl can dream even if she can't sleep.


Kate said...

Hang in there, momma. You know it will pass, but man alive, no sleep makes a person nutty.

Odie Langley said...

As the saying goes, this too shall pass, but I know all too well about patience since I don't have very much of it either. Feel the compassion coming your way even if we can't really do you any good.

Michelle said...

Oh honey. I'm with you in spirit. Nathan wasn't (still isn't) a sleeper. I remember telling David that Nathan might actually be a Nazi because didn't they use sleep deprivation as a torture device? He would spend an HOUR nursing. An hour! And then be up again to start nursing less than two hours later. It sucked. Literally, Ha!

I have no assvice, just a hope and a prayer you're able to get some quality rest soon!