Friday, September 17, 2010

Ruby's Pantry

On my first visit to the WIC office last month they let me know about a new program in Duluth called 'Ruby's Pantry. Its a food share program. You pay $15 and get over $100 in groceries. There are no income guidelines. Everyone is welcome. This was the 2nd time it was offered in Duluth. Last month they had 400 people. This month there were expecting between 700-800.

I decided to check it out.

The road in front of the church was backed waaaay up. I ended up parking quite a ways away & grabbed by empty 'Click-n-Go' stroller (they tell you to bring totes, laundry baskets, boxes, etc.

There was a huge line when I got there & I waited outside (it was chilly!) for probably an hour. It was interesting though to chat with the others in line & find out how they'd heard about it, etc.

Finally moved inside. Paid my $15 & waited. (This is why I have a book with me at all times...). It was probably another 45 minutes or so but I didn't mind.

Once your number (or range of numbers) is called, you head downstairs to get your food. It's in a big room where they have tables set up. You go through the line & take what they're offering (if you like).

I got: a 32oz bag of Trader Joe's Oat Bran, 5 bags (!) of oyster/soup crackers, a HUGE can of canned corn, 12 jars of Earth's Best pears baby food, some random small cartons of milk, half & half, heavy cream & OJ, a huge thing of Golden Plump chicken thighs (frozen) 3 loaves of take & bake French Bakery bread (garlic herb), a gallon sized bag of cooked (frozen) baby red potatoes, 8 ears of corn, a huge bag of yukon gold potatoes (you had the option of potatoes or a bag of onions) & a 25lb (!) bucket of hard boiled eggs. I think that was it.

It was interesting & probably worth it. I should've passed on the eggs because now I'm trying to get rid of 25lbs of eggs. I'll probably check it out again next month if the stars align & the children aren't screaming (as they were last night).


Kate said...

Nice haul, my friend. And good food to feed your family!

Odie Langley said...

You did really well my friend. Wish we had something like it in NC

feisty said...

what a cool program. that is awesome. duluth is such a cool place to live. i'm sure your neighbors would love eggs if you can't get rid of all of them (of course, knowing you, you will find something fabulous to bake with them!)