Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lake Walking

Another beautiful day (this time, all the way through!) today in Duluth. Time to get the kids to the Lakewalk!

We started at the Rose Garden. Dahlia thought the gazebo looked like the perfect place to perform. She loved to sing & dance in there. It reminds me of princesses so I can only imagine what she thought!

She loved running through the gardens. Loved smelling the roses.

We walked on the lakewalk down to the rock beach where Dahlia loves to throw rocks into the water. We had a snack there & dipped our hands in the lake. August slept through most of it. I'm considering moving his crib outside!


DD4 said...

Your pictures are so cheerful! What a lovely spot along the lake!

MamaD4 said...

Have you tried something like a vibrating bouncy chair or a swing to get August to sleep? I've heard of mommies putting their babies to sleep in their seats on top of the running dryer.

Probably all things you've tried, but you never know...!

I would love some beautiful fall's still 80 in Virginia and humid. I just can't get into the pumpkin pie and sweater frame of mind without a cold snap!

Kate said...

Love that last picture of Dahlia. She just looks so FREE!