Thursday, September 02, 2010

First & Last

Dahlia had her last day at her daycare on Tuesday. Her first "school."

I really loved that place. I had a great feeling from the first moment I looked at it. Of course there were tears when I started dropping her off there (mine, mostly) but over the 14 months that she went there, it was all a really good experience. I really liked the teachers, the special projects they did, the potty training - If there comes a time when August needs to go to a daycare, they'll be first on my list to call!


Kate said...

Look at that big girl! Congratulations, baby!

Cello Mama said...

As happy as I was to take Kate out of daycare, I felt sad her last day, too. There is a gratitude you feel for those people who care for your child that is difficult to express.

Congrats to Dahlia and to you, too, Mom.

Odie Langley said...

They grown up so quickly that we have to give them all the tools necessary to excell. The pictures are adorable.