Thursday, September 02, 2010

...and a new first

First day of PRESCHOOL! Since Dahlia is now 33 months (what?) she has 'graduated' from her daycare to the next step - Preschool. Hard to believe. I really like the Benedictine Program though so I'm glad she'll be continuing on. This is in a different location, but still pretty close to home. Some of her best buds are already there so that makes the transition easier.

She had her first day yesterday. She was unfazed when I said goodbye & she scampered off to join in storytime before breakfast. I, however, was once again teary. How can your heart stand it? Year after year of stages, accomplishments, growth? I think mine will burst because I could just keep her in my pocket forever. I know this is not how it works. *sigh*

She's only going one day a week for it's all that's in the budget (well, hopefully it's in the budget). I'd like her to go 2 days for a little more consistency but right now I'll take what I can get!


feisty said...

she's still little, and will be for a long time. not in-your-pocket little, but still little. so sweet!

i've heard that is a great program too- and worth the (lots of) money. everyone here at UMD has their kids either their or here.

Odie Langley said...

I am glad for you sake it is only 1 day a week. Don't want you to have a breakdown.

Kate said...

Look at those twin bandaids on the Big Sister!

Tears. There will always be tears.

J. said...

I have no hope for you...believe me kindergarden is around the corner! It passes too fast. The tears will really flow. Benj had his first full day of K today and when I passed his room and he saw me I almost barged into the classroom to give him another inappropriate - But I really wanted to!

MamaD4 said...

It was really tough for me leaving Josiah at preschool...I remember us fighting over who got to go and pick him up the first day. We all ended up going. But it gets easier. He starts first grade tomorrow. It gets easier with subsequent children, too!

She is adorable!

Meigan said...

She is so dang adorable! With those pigtails she looks so OLD!

I'm glad you are doing one day a week. It will be a great little transition for her.

Keep the pictures coming!