Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last Minute Birthday Present

I was going to run to a funky thrift/antique store yesterday to find a gift for a funky friend who's party was last night. But due to children & screaming & delayed naps, that didn't happen. So instead I hit my fabric stash & whipped up this tote bag for her.

It's FAR from perfect but I think it's kind of cool & very functional. I used upholstery samples that I've had for years & some muslin for the lining (not very cool, but oh well).

Hopefully she liked it! I'm quite proud of myself that I pulled this off in only a couple hours while watching both kids. Thankfully they cooperated!


Odie Langley said...

I think you did a very good job on it and like you say it will be so functional. Your day made me think about one my daughter had the other day. She had been to a fruit stand and bought a 6 pound container of blueberries. She got up the following morning planning to put them in the freezer and the container was missing. A trail led to my 2 year old grandson's room where he and my 4 year old grandson had eaten and mashed into the carpet about half of what she bought. I felt so sorry for her having to deal with that mess. I am impressed with your resourcefullness so be proud of yourself girl.

Michelle said...

That is made of awesome and I hope she loved it!

Kate said...

Perfect gift! Cowgirl called me last week and said she wanted one of my "homemade" bags to use as her diaper bag. I was totally flattered!

Meigan said...

I love it! Love it! I'm sure she did, too!