Sunday, June 06, 2010

Misread Cues

Dahlia has been CRANKY today. Wow. Crabby. Tired, Whiny whiny whiny. It's been driving us nuts!

We thought it was probably the aftereffects of the Triplets' Third Birthday Party (I know! Can you believe they're 3??). We had a busy day of traveling down to St. Paul & back yesterday...filled with trains, cake, presents, playing with grandparents & cousins, etc. Dahlia slept pretty good in the car & slept til 8:30 this morning, but still we thought it was just lingering tiredness from yesterday.

But oh the whining continued. Even after a nap. And a snack. And she didn't want to stay with us outside once it cleared up & got gorgeous out. Oh no. She was determined (& more whiny) to go inside. We were determined to keep her OUTSIDE. Finally Steve gave in & they came in.

I was holding her a while ago and realized, DANG she's hot. And yup, she's got a wee fever. Nothing too major but that plus her tiredness/crankiness....perhaps she has a bug.

So, she's lounging on the couch all tucked in, watching NEMO & loving the extra TLC & attention she's getting. Of course I offered her soup when we don't have any so I'm improvising:

And this is all for Mommy:

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Meigan said...

Poor baby. Why is checking for a fever always the last thing we think of? Dang, I have had this happen to me so many times. Like when Natalie puked all over her birthday cake because we kept pushing her to "have fun" when she was sick.

Sending get well vibes Dahlia's way!