Thursday, May 06, 2010

Weight Check

August just had a visit from the public health nurse (why didn't one of these fabulous people come to visit me after Dahlia was born? Hmmmm). She brought her scale & weighed him, measured him, looked at his umbilical cord (the stump fell off on MONDAY -ack!); assured me that his dry skin & the bumps on his leg were no big deal & chatted extensively about breastfeeding, sleeping, etc etc.

August now weighs 7lbs 4oz. That's up 3oz from last Friday - but it means he *probably* won't make his weight goal of birth weight (7lbs 11.5oz) on Tuesday. He'll probably be a bit shy. Is it because I don't have enough milk? Is it because he's not *that good* at eating (although better than some babies I've raised...)? She said he's on the right track & to keep doing what I'm doing & it'll all work out okay. I shouldn't really even need to supplement him because really that just stresses me out (okay, a little) & that in turn affects my milk supply (ah mental mental!!).

He also lost some height! ha. I guess that's normal too due to the generally "loosey goosey" nature of newborns when they're fresh out of the oven.

His head, however, is a skosh bigger...well, that's just cause he's smart.


Kate said...

Wouldn't you love to be the nurse that drives around town, weighing babies and cooing over them?! Awesome job!

And I'm sure he's just perfect. He will eat more when he's hungry more!

Holly said...

He'll get there Carrie. I know it's easy for me to say, but he'll get there.

He is adorable. I just want to run up to Duluth and give him big hugs and cuddles.

Sending you peace, love and happiness as you settle into your new routine.