Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Story of August's Arrival

Last Monday we checked into the hospital at about 6pm. Arrived at the ER (which feels weird) & they wheeled me right up. Funny - with Dahlia I walked up myself while in active labor - no one gave me a second glance. This time, nothing happening & we get the special treatment. Weird.

Got to our room, I donned my beautiful gown & we waited. We chatted, took some video, waited, wondered, Steve went to get dinner, I was very hungry (they wouldn't let me eat...yet), etc. There was a near full moon & the maternity floor was BUSY! 6 admissions that night which is a lot for them.

Finally at 10pm the Resident came in to chat & check on me. He was nice & apologetic for it taking so long. Still we waited.

At l1pm they came in & gave me the Cytotec. A small pill that they put on the cervix to soften it. I asked numerous times if this could jump start labor (asked my doc earlier that day too)...they said...unlikely. Very rare.

I was at MAYBE 2.5cm & -2, I don't even remember how much effaced....10% Not much. It wasn't looking promising.

At about 11:30 they told Steve he might as go home & get a good night's sleep & I should sleep too - did I want a sleeping pill? I declined, Steve went home & we were prepared for the pitocin at 7am.

At about 1am I felt a POP. Literally. Hmmm....and then gush. Yup. My water broke. I called the nurse in & she helped me out & started getting things set up. The doc came in & checked again and I was only at 3cm or so. He was pretty sure that we'd do another dose of Cytotec around 3am.

I was having contractions all along & they were starting to get stronger. Nothing real painful, just more intense. I could watch them on the monitor & was happy to see them come & go. I could hear the baby's heartbeat & movements all along too. He was really wiggly!

Around 3am they checked me again and I was at 4cm or so. So, making progress, no 2nd dose of Cytotec needed & they'd probably do the pitocin at 5am instead of 7am.

By 3:30am the contractions were REALLY ramping up. Time for me to start breathing & using the meditation/relaxation techniques that I had been reading up on. My goal was to do the delivery drug free...with an open mind, of course. I felt like I wimped out with Dahlia - yeah, I delivered her drug free but I caved & asked for drugs...there just wasn't time for them. So, I wanted to see if I could do it this time. My nurse kept telling me I must have a high pain tolerance. I think I'm sort of a wimp because the thought of an epidural in my spine makes me just about freak out!

3:30 was also when I decided I should probably call Steve. I would've really hated for things to happen too fast & for me to NOT to be able to call him...especially since he was only 10 minutes away. He was sleepy & didn't sound too thrilled to be woken up but was there by 3:45 or so.

From then until about 5 the contractions were INTENSE. Yeah. That's the word. I was laboring on my side & that dang cervix just wasn't moving (on one side). I was grabbing the bed rails so hard that my entire back/sides were sore the next day. I kept breathing & blowing away the contractions & not even moaning/groaning as much as with Dahlia. For some reason (this is not something I thought about before I started these intense contractions), I would call upon all the women I knew that had had babies before me during each contraction. Where did that come from? I have no idea, but it was amazing & it really helped. During the worst of each one I would picture my Mother, my Grandmothers, my Mother-in-Law; my sister, my sister-in-law, my cousins, friends, and ALL the women who had ever delivered a child before me. I felt like I was calling on the Universe to give me strength. That & a few prayers to God (I will admit) (can you pray to God & Luna at the same time? apparently you can!) and it worked! I felt this amazing energy & strength. I have no idea where it came from.

at about 5am I heard our (totally incredibly awesome) labor nurse go out in the hallway & tell the docs out there that I was at 10 and ready. I was thinking 'Hallelujah!' now it's time for the pushing. I can handle the pushing. (breathing through the contractions...ay yi yi)....They came in & we started. It was tough. Steve thought the blood vessels were going to pop out of my forehead, but with his help & Char (our awesome nurse) I pushed for 19 minutes and then there he was!

All slippery & slimy, right in front of me....there he was. It seemed like an eternity before they said 'IT'S A BOY!' Steve had tears in his eyes as they laid him on my chest. What a perfect human being. What a beautiful beautiful boy. Steve cut the cord & took lots of photos while he was being weighed, measured, dried off, swaddled etc. (I won't go into details as to what I was doing at that time...that part, not so pretty....).

All in all it was another amazing experience. 4 1/2 hours from water breaking to his arrival; we were already at the hospital so we didn't have to rush to get there or deal with a, um, mess at home; he came before I was induced which I am every so grateful for...and he's perfect.

I cannot believe it's been a week. I am feeling okay - a little, uh, sore in places, obviously a little tired but I feel pretty darn good. The weepies haven't been *too* bad but I know they could be lurking around the corner. I'm breastfeeding successfully (I think!) so far - (he lost 8% of his weight, down to 7lbs 1oz) by Friday - but that is acceptable) & he's only had a few ounces of supplement (when he forgets how to latch or just won't take the breast).

Dahlia's been an amazing BIG SISTER. She thinks he is SO cute; wants to hug & kiss & just "see" him all the time. She asks about him every morning, wants to give him toys & his nuk - it's amazing. (I hope it lasts!)

And August is pretty dang mellow. He will just hang out, be wide awake & looking around or napping when he's not eating. His cord fell off yesterday (6 days - average is 10 days) which freaked me out but the nurse assured me it's okay - just keep in eye on it. He's SUPER super snuggly & his cry is teeny tiny. He's a very sweet boy.

So...there you have it! If you want any more of the gory details, you'll have to ask me I guess.


Holly said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing the story.

Sending you all big hugs and kisses!

Kate said...

Yeah for a wonderful delivery - and the way that you wanted it to happen. And I DO believe you can pray to God and Luna at the same time. The Universe is a vast expanse of spiritual help.

He's beautiful.

feisty said...

What a great story. Oh, wow. 19 minutes of pushing? Not bad! And only 4 hours from the water breaking. August, you are SO organized for a little baby. I'm glad he is here and thriving. Yes 8% loss isn't bad at all- I hope the breastfeeding keeps going well, so convenient!

Cello Mama said...

Wow - I am so choked up right now! What a wonderful story. I am so thrilled and relieved that you had such a positive birth experience. God bless these second babies for going easier on their moms, eh?

I loved reading your story. I'm happy the breastfeeding is going better for you this time around. I am just glad beyond words that August is here and all is well.

Talk to you soon, darlin'.

Michelle said...

Rock freaking Star!! Well done you for willing his arrival before intervention! I'm so proud I could bust! Thank you for sharing his/your story.

J. said...

You are amazing! Don't know how you did it, Maddy came fast, but I still had to have the epidural. Nope not brave at all.....

He's beautiful and I am so happy for your little family. Sounds like you are enjoying which is teh way it should be.

Would love to meet the little guy - we are going to be in MN in early July. Thinking of you all!

MamaD4 said...

I love reading these stories. I found the part about you calling on all the women who went before you interesting! Way to make it through! August looks lovely and I'm glad he's making your first days of adjustment to two a little easier...