Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day - nearly a week late...

Dahlia gave me this little plant that she planted at daycare for Mother's Day (I think it's marigolds...not 100% sure). It has a photo of her inside the card too. Oh the sweet gift's from your child.

Steve, Dahlia & August gave me a gift certificate for a hair cut at my salon & a fabulous bottle of wine. :) We also went to Grizzly's for dinner - thankfully (I needed to get out of the house at that point).

And our first outside-the-hospital family photo...self portrait taken in our backyard. If I didn't have so many wrinkles I would say this is quite a nice photos...*sigh*


Meigan said...

Very sweet!

feisty said...

cute flower from Dahlia!

and only in the city of Duluth would a backyard photo look like you guys were in the middle of a 100-acre wood.

PS wow- you look GREAT already! how did you lose so much water weight so fast?

Kate said...

Love the photo. You look amazing. And I've come to see my wrinkles as a testament to my love of the outdoors and my penchant for smiling. Embrace them!

Holly said...


I'm with Kate - I'm chosing to appreciate my wrinkles as they are a sign that I smile and laugh.

What a beautiful family!