Friday, May 14, 2010

The Kindness of Relatives in Denver

So I've been corresponding quite a bit with Steve's cousin's wife Michelle (hi Michelle!) via Facebook lately. We have children of similar ages & she's about to have her 2nd baby in we have a fair amount in common right there. Plus I think she's smart & funny & cool & I enjoy getting to know her more (okay, now I sound like a complete weirdo but, ah well...most of you probably knew that already).

Anyway -a couple weeks ago she said that she & David would like to have dinner brought in for us so our sleep-deprived brains could take a night off - at least from cooking!

What they delivered was amazing!

First of all, they managed to find one of our favorite local restaurants - At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Cafe. The menu was incredible...

We had:

Some delicious garlicky mushrooms & smoked salmon with veggies as an appetizer.

Two entrees - a lamb/bison burger with sweet potato fries (super yum)...

...Roaster duck with some shredded beets (super yum again!).

And dessert! A piece of blueberry pie (mmmmm) & a big brownie with a some vanilla ice cream.

Dahlia even had her very own serving of kids mac & cheese.

All this & a bottle of fabulous Pinot Noir (yeah, I pumped before this meal so that I could enjoy that wine!

So - just wanted to say THANK YOU again Michelle & David. IT was such a pleasure to have a 'fancy' meal that was so easy for us. Carla (the restaurant owner) even picked up our own dishes as she didn't think it would "present" well in the restaurant's take-out containers! They thought of everything!!

Your kindness will not soon be forgotten. I only hope we can find some way to repay it to you!


Kate said...

What a fun, fun thing for someone to do! (Insert it in memory bank...)

Sarita said...

That is so wonderful! (and mouthwatering!)

Michelle said...

We are so thrilled you enjoyed it - that is repayment enough! While the food looked good, Miss Dahlia was edible!! Goodness is she adorable!