Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dumb Sleeping

Last night August slept from about 9:30 til 1 or so. I went to bed shortly after he did & actually had time to dream - yay!

At 1 I heard him making some noises, so to avoid a screaming baby - got right up, scooped him up & prepared to feed him....then realized that he was not awake. AT ALL.

Instead of being SMART & laying him immediately back down in his crib, I sat in the glider thinking he would awaken & be starving at any moment. He slept. I waited. Surely, any minute. Any minute.

I fell asleep in the chair & woke up after 2am! Argh! I robbed myself of a DANG HOUR of sleep! I laid him in his crib & he started fussing (of course) so I stood there.

And stood there. Finally laid on the floor because I knew as soon as I went back to my bed he would wake up. Luckily I only had to lay on the floor for about 20 minutes (oh I remember the days of floor laying in Dahlia's infancy too - UGH!)...he woke up, I fed him & we both went back to bed.

Tonight I am letting that kid sleep til he TELLS me he's awake. I need to turn down my Mama-Ears a little bit. Sheesh.


Kate said...

You'll get in a new routine in no time. Just think! You already KNOW what to do this time!

Meigan said...

Oh - it's kind of funny. I know some day you'll look back & read this & laugh!

Hope you can catch some more zzzzz's!!!