Tuesday, May 11, 2010

August's Two Week Check Up

We get to the clinic this morning & I was checking August in. They told me that the appointment with our doctor had been cancelled. Hmm, that's weird. I had confirmed using their automated service on Friday. And obviously I didn't want to cancel as 1) I was there and 2) I'm a paranoid mother of a newborn & want to make sure he's getting enough to eat.

So, I headed over to the pediatric department to get things sorted out. They told me there that "I" had called at 8:42am this morning to cancel the appointment - and I needed to reschedule, a morning appt for later in the week. WTF?

Then they proceeded to tell me that my Doctor's schedule was full & I could *maybe* see someone else. Um, no. I love my pediatrician & am friends with her & most DEFINITELY wanted to see HER. Well, after some finagling they worked us in.

I'm still a bit troubled by this. Some people have suggested identity theft or insurance fraud - but that still seems weird to me. August isn't even ON our insurance yet! And they didn't have info about ME just about him. Plus, as I said, my doctor really kNOWS me/us and would figure it out if someone was trying to get THEIR newborn in under August's name....I'm confused.

Anyway - the appt went great. He was so good the whole time (even though he was hungry).

His Stats:

Weight 7lbs 12 oz!! (22th percentile) YAYA!!!!! he regained his birthweight (7lbs 11.5oz) by the 2 week milestone! Yay!! And that's on 95% breastmilk. Whohoooooo!! So even though I have to feed him hourly - it looks like it's working.

Height 20 1/2" (33rd percentile) still down from birth height but that's okay.

Head Circumference 14 1/4" (31st percentile) (Dahlia TOTALLY has him beat - still - on this ranking - haha).

He is doing & looking good. He's gaining weight, his umbilical cord fell off & healed up nicely; he's starting to track with his eyes & he seems so much more present than he did 2 weeks ago...

I can't believe it's already been TWO WEEKS!!

Crazy, time flies...


Kate said...

Being someone that works at a front desk clinic, and having worked with the incompetency of other front desk staff, it is entirely possible that the patient before or after him called to cancel and they clicked on him instead and put in the notes what that person said. I wouldn't worry too much about it. There was probably a no show at some point that morning that would explain it, but they can't tell YOU that, because then THEY look dumb.

Cello Mama said...

Hooray!! Go August!! I am so glad the breastfeeding is working better for you this time. I know how much you wanted it to work last time, and how hard that whole process was on you. You deserved some luck in that department. And FWIW, I nursed both of mine hourly the first few weeks. Breastmilk is just so much more easily digested, it's not uncommon. He'll start spacing them out eventually, and in the meantime he'll help you build up your capacity so you can keep at it as long as you want to.

I can't wait to meet this little guy!!

And I have to say I'm with Kate on this one - my first reaction was that the office screwed up. Those folks are so busy.