Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skitter-skit, Skitter-Skit

On a night when I decidedly needed GOOD sleep (as I have reshoots all day both today & Sunday); and on a night when Dahlia didn't wake up at all until 6:45am, that was a day that some kind of critter decided he/she would torment me all night by making it's way painstakinly through apparently every piece of plaster & lathe in our bedroom. I mean seriously. The critters I was imagining got bigger & bigger as the gnawing & clawing noises grew louder & louder. I also imagined (I think) that I could hear the cats howling for said critters -- but I know that is a virtual impossibility due to the fact that they were two stories down snug in the basement & I just can't hear that well. I have not heard/seen ANY critters since last fall. I thought maybe there were some mice but all winter there have been NO signs. No creepy noises, no poop, no chewed anything. So I decided it must've been squirrels on the roof since there was nothing. And you'd THINK that if you heard critters in the fall (regardless of what they were) & they were IN the walls that you'd hear them ALL WINTER when it's cold & crappy out. Not in the fall (when it's decent) & then again in the spring (again, decent). What the heck.

I was so annoyed & couldn't take it. I ended up pulling blankets & pillows & slept on the couch downstairs. That was really comfy. Argh. So glad to be starting 2 long days on a serious lack of sleep. Grrrrrr.

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Kate said...

Stupid critters.