Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, Baby.

Happy Earth Day!

Steve has already begun planting. Of course! Why not? He's actually begun re-arranging & then planting. He bought a couple of new shrubs for our front garden & moved some of the day lilies forward which I planted last year. I think it will be nice. The only battle I have to fight is keeping SOME space for my unnaturally colored bright annuals (ie: petunias. I love petunias).

The other day he said to me "The tree delivery is happening on Thursday." And I stopped, looked at him incredulously and said "what?" (you may or may not know that the first year we co-habitated we ended up having 75 seedlings & numerous grapevines that just happened to be ordered....for our, we're still trying to find some homes for some of them....). But he was referring to the tree delivery at WORK not at home. Whew! I was scared for a minute! Planting season is right around the corner for him at his job. Thank goodness we're not getting a truckload of trees for our yard!

I think it would be very fitting for us to have a baby on Earth Day - so, um, that's TODAY - so hey Baby B! Come on out! I'm sure your Daddy would love to plant a tree (shrub, bush, vine, soemthing) in your honor. Plus my folks are rolling into town today & it would be nice if you were HERE so they could meet you....Although if you're not here, Dahlia will be happy to bask in their full attention.

And one last bit - Last year on Earth Day - Dahlia 'helped' Daddy plant a tree. Of course.


Kate said...

Your tree hugging husband is awesome. And Baby B? If you're listening to Auntie Kate? COME ON OUT!

Bryan Hoffman said...

I'd like to be planting today too, but woke up to 3" of new snow on the ground. Happy Earth Day!