Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Have Low!

I've been sitting on this a while as to not jinx myself, but I can't contain it any longer - LOW will be featured on the soundtrack for THE LIFE OF RILEY! Whohoooo!!

We're using 2 of their songs ("California" and "Breaker (Dub Plate)") as well as a Black Eyed Snakes song - yipeee!!

The soundtrack will also feature two Austin natives - Martin Zellar & Charlie Parr! Wheeee!!

Other musicians include Mary Bue, Haley Bonar, Cars and Trucks, The Very People, Amy Abts & more!!

I'm so pleased with how all the music is coming together for RILEY. All MN musicians! Yahooo!!!!


feisty said...

congrats! that is awesome - local bands represent!!!!

Holly said...

how awesome! i love LOW!!!