Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our St. Patrick's Day Feast

Being of primarily German & Swedish descent in our household, one might find it strange for us to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - BUT - really, I'm just looking for any kind of excuse to make an ordinary day of the week into something special. I love 'special' days, always have - and I'm excited to do fun special things with & for my family.

We had guests, thankfully, help us consume the rather large corned beef brisket I purchased (it was the smallest I could find) & I put my new crockpot to good use.

Onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, cabbage and of course the meat. All making my house smell delicious while I was away at work! I love the crockpot!

For dessert the pistachio "Watergate" recipe...Light, fluffy & most importantly, green.

Miss Dahlia LOVED being the center of attention & put on quite a show during & after dinner. She was also remarkably well behaved...even though she had a bath & went to bed LATE.

Needless to say I *may have been* a wee bit careless on the whole carb counting thing (beer bread? potatoes? cake? what was I thinking?) but I can't be perfect all the time, can I? (blood sugar was a bit high last night but back to normal this morning. Whew!)

I would've loved to have done more - to have made our guests where silly Shamrock hats or at least have some decorations, but it was a good effort for something that was relatively impromptu (the dinner had been planned for weeks, the guest list kept changing!)

Now, what to do for May Day?


Kate said...

I love it! I'm so glad you had a party. I LOVE parties! Whee! May Baskets. Leave them on the door step and run away after you ring the doorbell.

Sarita said...

I kinda think you should have a baby on MayDay and snuggle with him or her, but that's just me.