Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yarn Re-Do

I knitted up the first square of the baby blanket on Friday night. I hated it. I hated how light-weight & delicate it was (I love this yarn for another baby blanket pattern I have); the ends & sides curled up, the pattern was all wonky, it did not have the drape I was expecting.

So, I took back the yarn. All of it - sans the skein I had partially used (bummer that I started with my least favorite color, hmph). I went back to Yarn Harbor and they set me straight!

They showed me some beautiful cotton yarn (a little more $$ but a LOT more delicious colors to choose from), she showed me how I was reading the pattern incorrectly (duh, well THAT would do it!) and a couple ladies who were there knitting gave me lots of input & advice on my color choices (which was a-okay by me!).

So, here are the new colors for the baby blanket:

A little more 'fun' a little brighter, my camera doesn't do the color justice but these are lovely, richly saturated and have a great texture. I am so excited to start knitting again today....when I get a minute. I have wound one ball so far & I think Steve's taking Dahlia to his Dad's for a quick visit - sounds like the perfect opportunity!!


DD4 said...

Wonderful choices! I hope you post a picture of the finished baby blanket.

Kate said...

Ohhh! Bright, bright, bright! I love it!

juliemac_29 said...

hahaha! You sound just like me with fabric. I LOVE everything about the buying of fabric a lot like it seems you like everything about yarn! :)

michelle said...

beautiful! i was going to suggest a cotton for that blanket - what brand did you end up getting?

you should have wound them there silly - then you'd be knitting already! :)

carrster said...

It's the "Fantasy Naturals" - I went with Encore at first because it was they recommended the first time I went in (weird). I didn't have them wind them because they were super busy & I didn't have the time to wait for 15 skeins to be wound! I don't mind doing it.

Meigan said...

Much better choices!

You have inspired me to start crocheting again. You should see the horribly bad scarf I'm making. It's hideous. But I'm learning again so that someday I might qualify to attend your stich & bitch session!