Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mentor Duluth - Hockey Night

A yearly tradition - although in the 3 1/2 years I've been paired with MariAnna, we've only managed to go to one of the games. Tonight was #2!

We started the evening by eating a lot of Sammy's Pizza & having a great conversation. I also gave her her belated Christmas gift. I was quite proud of myself - using only what I had already in the house, I put together a fantastic collection of arts/crafts supplies! Supplies to make cards, scrapbook, whatever - including - card stock, ribbons, beads, stickers, patterned paper, envelopes, a glue stick, charcoal, pastels, paint brushes, clips, mini-tapes, cute post-it notes, embellishments, foam stickers, & a couple of penguin cutesy things (she loves penguins).

See, I'm feeling the economic pinch and would rather spend time with her making things & laughing & chatting than buy her something that she doesn't need/want/won't use/will get lost in her house in 5 minutes, this worked very well. I also recycled two really cool boxes to put the gift in. She now has a 'card organizer' complete with category cards to keep things in place & a box for misc supplies! Hopefully these will remain intact & all hers...

After pizza we headed to the DECC to watch the UMD Bulldogs (my alma mater) take on the Colorado Tigers. It was fun! we cheered, we seat-danced, we ate ice cream, we chatted some more & took some silly pictures. I hadn't hung out with her since Dahlia's birthday party so I was so happy to get some time to spend with her one-on-one. It just doesn't happen enough these days!

Hopefully she had as much fun as I did!


Kate said...

Ice cream at hockey night. Perfect Minnesota girls!

feisty said...

fun night for you both! sounds like a very special gift, too!