Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Change of Plans**

Today my plan was to get up, drop Dahlia off at daycare, hit Barnes & Noble for some bridal mags for a newly engaged friend of mine, buy some maternity blue jeans (sadly needed) then go to work where I would make final tweaks on our 'rough cut' of RILEY before screening it before a few cast/crew members tonight.

Instead I'm at home with a wee toddler who's hacking up nastiness in her lungs. She sounds terrible. When I called daycare today they said that one little one came down with bronchitis last week. Awesome. So we're going to the doctor this afternoon. I'm hoping it's 'nothing....' but I'd rather find out for sure.

Of course it's only a few days before Steve & I have our getaway up the shore planned. I'm feeling "okay" but I have coughed a few times today. I hope I'm not getting sick!!!

**Update: I took Dahlia to the doctor - it's an ear infection. On a scale of 10 it's about a 3-4 so it was good that I brought her in now, and now in two weeks (um, like I did last time...). Hopefully the antibiotics will work their magic FAST! Doesn't help the cough, but at least we know what it is!


Kate said...

Neti pot! Orange juice! ZInc! Do whatever you can to not get sick. You and Steve need this getaway!

ANd cuddle your wee one for me. Poor baby.

juliemac_29 said...

Bad news that it's an ear infection; good news that you caught it early. Hopefully she's on the mend quickly! How did the viewing of the rough cut go?