Saturday, January 16, 2010

And...that's a Wrap!

We had our last two production days for THE LIFE OF RILEY this weekend. Wow! We are DONE! We have our 4th feature film in the can. Whohooo!

On Friday we shot all day at our apartment location. A little inside, a little outside. It was cold outside. And subsequently inside when we had to have the door open. But we ended early and things went well.

Yesterday we headed up the North Shore to revisit Gooseberry Falls, Palisade Head & Grand Marais. Let me tell you, hiking up to Palisade Head with my pregnant self was not all that fun. I started first and ended last. Ugh. It was exhausting. Which is too bad because usually that is right up my alley! Oh well. Getting to the falls at Gooseberry was a bit challenging too because of my girth, the amount of ice & my general paranoia, but I didn't fall, which is quite shocking.

The McMurdo boots were GREAT. I used a couple of hand warmers in them for the 2nd part of the day and they were very toasty without being all sweaty. I also think the traction is fantastic.

So....we are done! The film is cut up until the scenes we just shot so the edit from here on out will not take long. The arduous process of tweaking the edit to get it in its final form, the sound design, the music clearances & the color correction will suck up more than enough of the next 100 days which is about what I have left before Baby B #2 comes. Yes, freaking out a bit about the amount of stuff to do and the time to do it in.

Ah well, it always works out somehow...right?


Kate said...

Of course, right.

And yeah for you!

Meigan said...

Congrats on another wrap! Can't wait to see it!!!