Monday, January 11, 2010

24w, 2 days (or 25w, 1 day - depends who you ask)

Baby B is doing good - measuring as he/she should, making all sorts of cute faces & punching motions during today's ultrasound. He/She took a BIG yawn right before this shot was taken - hence the open mouth.

Next month the fun begins! I get to get a big shot in my big butt (rhogam for the negative Rh factor) and then I get to do another GTT (one hour).

Apparently I ate very well over Christmas because I gained about 7lbs in the last month! Yikes! Okay, time to lay off the baked goods and get back to being a more healthy eater. (I'm at 12lbs total for this pregnancy - not too shabby!)


Sarita said...

If it makes you feel any better, I gained 8lbs since early Dec.

Kate said...

Where's the yawn?! I don't see it!

feisty said...

little baby-B! what an exciting day. congrats on the kicky little one!