Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Using What I've Got

After my ECFE/Daycare Teachers Christmas Gift Poll, I decided to just do gifts for the Daycare providers, and skip ECFE (since there's like 8 of them and we only see them once a week). budget is tight this year. I'm trying to be more frugal, to stash more cash in the bank, to prepare for the long, cold, dark winter ahead (and the non-productive potentially income-deficient maternity leave in my future). So instead of going out and buying some tchotke or baking something (which they probably get a TON of) I made some card packs.

I made each of the 4 teachers a 5-pack of Thank You cards. I figure I ALWAYS need thank you cards after the holidays, and they probably do too (good lord, I hope there are still other people out there who send thank you cards).

I included 5 envelopes & 5 stamps as well, and I packaged them in cello bags.

This is the best part: I didn't buy a thing (save for the stamps). I used card stock & decorative paper that I've had for YEARS. I used embellishments that I've been hoarding which I received as gifts for several past birthdays & Christmases. I bought the cello bags probably 8 years ago and haven't gotten around to using very many of them. I used stamps that I've used for Christmas cards & other cards in the past and voila! 4 Christmas gifts that cost me (immediate out of pocket anyway) the price of one book of stamps.

I even packaged them in gift bags that I made two years ago during the great bean soup holiday giveway.

I feel really good when I can use what I already have...a lesson for life, perhaps?


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Kate said...

That is a perfect gift! When I worked for the church, I got all kinds of things that I appreciated but probably would never use. These are wonderful!

Cello Mama said...

What a fantastic idea!!