Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tomorrow's Nearly Impossible To-Do List

Since Dahlia's birthday is on Monday - we're having her party on Saturday. A family affair we'll all be quite cozy in our little house. This list is more for me than you, but here you go!

-Wash upstairs bathroom floor
-hang Dahlia's valance & artwork
-tidy up hallway, put books on shelves (since they're not getting painted anyway!)
-make more Chex Mix (because SOMEONE ate it all already, *ahem*)
-bake Christmas cookies (if I can find my cutters)
-make cupcakes, decorate like ELMO!
-make wild rice soup
-make apple dip
-wash downstairs floor
-tidy up back room & move drum set
-wrap Dahlia's b-day presents + family presents for Sunday
-scrub kitchen sink
-bring up dining table leaves, extra chairs & card tables
-put ELMO decorations up in addition to Christmas decorations
-relax with a cup of hot chocolate

My awesome Mother has offered to bring veggies/dip & the chili for Saturday's shindig which rocks & takes a load off my plate (thanks, Mom!) so looking at this list...I think it's actually do-able!

Which is good because I am sharing a cold with Dahlia and I'm absolutely WIPED OUT today and am heading to bed as soon as I get the dinner dishes in the dishwasher & change the laundry. I know I should get something done tonight, but I have a feeling my body is saying REST, WOMAN! And so I shall.


Kate said...

Oh, it's a wonderful life. And don't run yourself ragged! Take care of you! Happy Birthday wee one!

Sarita said...

Yes! listen to your body. I'm exhausted just looking at that list. Remember that everyone who is visiting loves you no matter what your house looks like.

feisty said...

you're doing WAY too much, lady! glad dahlia's grandma is helping...but still! rest and ask for more help.

J. said...

Wild rice soup - that's sounds good, I have to make some for Maddy - she loves soup......cupcakes sound great. (much easier than my plan) Benjamin & I are making a puppy cake for Maddy's B-day on Sunday! Happy B-day to our little ones....cannot believe that they are 2 already!