Monday, December 28, 2009

Sinus Infection

I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection. My left cheekbone, jaw - to ear, area hurt. They just HURT. filled with pressure & so much mucus. I had a miserable night sleep as my teeth hurt, my face hurt from pressure, my pelvis hurts (ah, that's not related to the sinus infection). I've never had a sinus infection before but I'm pretty sure that after a week of blowing my nose with this stupid cold, that's what it is. Thank god it's not on the right side (yet...?).

I tried using my neti pot last night - but my sinuses were so blocked that I couldn't even get water to flow. It was SO PAINFUL. I had an instant water-up-my-nose-headache all the way to the back of my head. Burning, tingling, not good. I gave up. I tried again this morning and I can actually breathe through both nostrils! That hasn't happened in a week (love the neti pot). I still have a lot of facial/jaw pain & pressure. I tried to make a doctor's appt today but my doctor no longer is at our clinic (nice! Thanks for letting me know!) and I can't get in to see anyone else today - how handy! I'm going to try to go to the Quick Clinic at Cub...we'll see how I fair. Otherwise I will continue doing the neti pot & drinking lots of water. I don't know what else to do....the acetaminophin doesn't TOUCH the pain and I dont 'think I can take anything else since I'm pregnant.

*sigh* This stinks!


Holly said...

yipes. I get those all the time and can empathize with your pain. I used to get them all the time in college and was on some serious sleep-inducing drugs for a while.

I hope you can get in to see someone and see if they can find you a anti-biotic you can take.

Sarita said...

It is ridiculous that no one can get you in when you are in serious pain. I've had an SI once in a non-PG state, and I hope to never be there again. I hope the quick clinic can get you some relief.

Hugs to you!

Mrs. Ca said...

I so feel your pain. I used to get multiple sinus infections per year and it was always a miserable experience. I hope you can get in to see someone and they can help you get rid of the infection!

Feel better soon!

feisty said...

would Vix vapor rub help? sorry to hear you are sick- it really stinks to be sick without being able to take any drugs. yuck.

feel better soon- hope the clinic was able to find you something