Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

After a morning of kitchen deliciousness, gifts, and way too much rain for this time of year...oh and Steve shoveling the heaviest, wettest snow he's ever encountered - we finally made it to my in-laws. The main roads had been plowed (ours had not) and without the Highlander's 4WD we never would have made it up there.

We enjoyed good company, lots of good food, the kids LOVED seeing the big bob-cat type thingy clearing the driveway, more food, delicious cake and presents! The kids loved playing with each other...and Miss Dahlia was asleep before we could back out of the driveway!

When we got home, we discovered the plows had come through and with all the rain & ice, we had to get out and shovel in order to make it up the driveway. That part wasn't too fun, but we didn't have to shovel completely, just enough to make it through.

Today's agenda - eating more Monkey Bread, seeing AVATAR in 3D and another holiday party at Steve's Aunt's tonight!


Kate said...

I'm waiting for the plow to come through so that I can make it to birthday night at the club tonight. I'm celebrating three years tonight!!!!

And Dahlia is a doll.

carrster said...

Congrats, Kate!! That's awesome!

-Peder said...

Sounds like a very nice day (with too much shoveling). And yay! Kate.