Monday, November 09, 2009

9. Vaccinated

After many weeks of going back & forth with 'should-we'shouldn't-we' regarding the H1N1 vaccine, today Dahlia & I were both vaccinated.

Reasons against were simply - well, the paranoia about vaccinations in general...both for her and for me (being pregnant). Mercury and/or other preservatives, random adverse side-effects, etc. Reasons for included well, not wanting to get sick with this nasty flu-bug...and since I'm in the highest risk category and Dahlia's dealing with high-exposure potential at her daycare, we just thought it was right.

There hasn't been any H1N1 vaccines in Duluth (or very little as far as I know, but today they started doing a "clinic" at the convention center for the highest risk group - until supplies run out. I contacted both my OB office & the Peds office and they both said if we want to get the vaccine to head there. So we did.

It took about an hour & twenty minutes, Dahlia was great - she mostly entertained herself (even though it WAS lunchtime), I didn't cry at all and she cried VERY briefly but was easily distracted by her super-sweet Dora sticker that she received.

So, it's done. Hers was thiemersol free (no mercury) which makes me feel a little better and so far, so good. Let's hope we have a healthy house this winter.


Kate said...

Of course, I've been reading about all this vaccination stuff because I'm all about the disasters and the disease, but by far, the most reasonable stuff I've found is on Pal MD is a good one to read. He's pretty straight forward.

feisty said...

yah! good choice.

my husband and i both went and got H1N1 vaccinated today too- around 10:30am. They only made thimerisol-free single-dose vaccine this time (even though there is no definite "proven" link between ethyl mercury preservative and any health impacts, I STILL always ask for thimerisol free- single dose vaccines. I did for his 2-month appt. had to pay a bit more, but no big whoop)

carrster said...

Yeah, we've done a ton of research on it too and I still go back & forth. Dahlia has yet to have anything with thimerisol - and we'll keep it that way as long as we can. I always ask & bug them (til they're sick of me) about it!) least I will feel better now about this CURRENT pandemic.